Dan Hodge

Age: 25 yrs

Race Plate: 467

When did you start racing: 2001

BMX you ride: Psykopath pro XXL

Sponsors: Psykopath, Tioga, Snap, Stile Industries, Fly, THE, Oakley, Sinz, Alienation.


Favourite BMX Track: Manchester Indoor, Chesterfield.

Titles I have won:
2002 SW1 & Regional 1 – British no 4
2003 SW1 & Regional 1 – British no 8
2004 SW1 & Regional 1 BMX & Cruiser - British no 2
2006 Regional 1
2008 National 1 (see photos below)

How do I train for races: Road rides and trying to ride tracks as much as I can all year round.

Other sports I do: I do like to swim every now and then.

Advice to newcomers: A clean well maintained bike will make you go faster.

Biggest Inspiration: Marcus Bloomfield – he’s my hero!!!

Dan Hodge - National #1 back in 2008…. A great role model and inspiration to our other riders at Bristol BMX Club.


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