Joshua Garland

Josh & Marcus BloomfieldAge: 6 yrs

Race Plate: 4.2

When did you start racing: Racing from age 5, riding from age 2

BMX you ride: LDC mini, Bombshell & Sinz parts

Sponsors: I’m still waiting for the sponsors to call. Have you got my agents number?

Favourite BMX Track: Alas… It was Cheddar. That track was AWESOME. I like Bristol, Burnham and Bath. Although all of the SW tracks are good.

Titles I have won:
A few Bristol series, summer and winter. I tried the SW series in 2012 and got a 4.2 plate but I liked the sweets in the trophy the best.

How do I train for races: I ride and have fun. I like to practice at Burnham

Other sports I do: I’ve tried football and I can live without it. I’ve learnt to swim, I just like to ride.

Advice to newcomers: Do what makes you happy. Not what your parents might ask you to do that they can’t. Just enjoy learning new skills.

Biggest Inspiration: Travis Pastrana, Marcus Bloomfield, The Olympics. Dad

Josh Garland

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